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August 23, 2006
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Tasan Paratuspa by BPauba Tasan Paratuspa by BPauba
It is funny. My grandfather once said that war always challenges the existence of humans. I believed him, hell, I had good reason to. He has seen so much violence throughout his life. Life has been good for the past decade though. We have finally made peace with our two other neighbors, but who would have thought the war that we were engulfed in for years upon years actually went on as the fighting stopped between us humans.

The fight between the three planets was over one thing, and one thing only, and this “thing” was a planet by the name of Tasan Paratuspa. Tasan Paratuspa is a lone planet that orbits with the three main planets in this region of space. This planet has vast amounts of resources and is inhabitable. The atmosphere is oxygen rich and the ecosystem is far more advanced then any other planet in this region. This is why we all wanted it, and simultaneously we all fought for it. A constant cascade of weaponry was used against strongholds on Tasan Paratuspa. This is where the ultimate problem stemmed. The constant forces exerted on this planet slightly changed its orbit, and this small change pushed the planet into a gravitational equilibrium between the three planets. This gravitational equilibrium created a very strong tug of war between the planets. As time went on Tasan Paratuspa became very unstable, and today we see the consequences of the orbital shift.

I am not scared of death. Today is the day of reckoning. Yesterday Tasan Paratuspa split, and with that split came hundreds of thousands of meteors. Today is the first day in which these meteors will hit our planet. Today is when humans fail the challenge. Today is the extermination of our people. I will be calm. We found out that this day would come about 3 years ago. This brought the three worlds even closer, and the best minds of each world tried to come up with a solution to this horrible anomaly. There would be no such solution though. This anomaly brought new questions to my mind three years ago. I now know who my creator is, and I know what I need to do to spend eternity with the people I love. It is interesting how such a horrible event could alter someones mind in such an amazing way. Did I fail today? No, not at all.
I had the great honor to work with *DKF. This was awesome. I have always looked up to his celestial work. I love his sense of proportion and his ability to create vast scenes with ease. He adds a sense of serenity to everything, but yet there is so much chaos going on in his work! Amazing. This was done for ~TerraSpace. Both Michel and I came to the conclusion that we could not pull off a traditional war scene. We decided to look at "war" in a sort of abstract way. Why is war always seen as two "beings" fighting? Do planets fight? We live in a space whch seems to be infinite. Well, then that means that it is possible! So thats what we did, we created a scene in which three seemingly inanimate objects are quietly fighting a fierce war. I hope we created a visually pleasing scene, and I hope the story really adds to the depth of the image as well. Tell us what you think!

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Tasan Paratuspa by ~BPauba and *DKF is a frightening example of how war between humans can effect the planet. ( Featured by gucken )
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I was browsing deviantart and found you work "Tasan Paratuspa". The
scene kind of cought my eye and I am wondering whether you can render
it to a very high resolution with a height of about 20'000. I need it
for an interior of my house and will not use it for anything else. I
would obviously pay a reasonable fee for this. In fact, I already did
things like thins with other artists on devianart (I asked for a
picture for my living room :-)).

Thanks in advance,
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i wish i could go there :( [link]
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Not bad.
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You're truly a talent.
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theres like a little dude in the bottom right corner....
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WOAH! there is!
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Amazing !!!!
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wow it's so beautiful!
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